CZECHDESIGN is a non-governmental organization sup- porting and presenting design. The civic association was founded in 2003 by students, volunteers and design fans who shared enthusiasm to spread information about Czech design production to the public. The main goal of the association is quality design support and its propagation. CZECHDESIGN tries to advance ideas of "equal design". (Design that considers the needs of a broad group of people: regarding their age, physic proportions, capabilities or disabilities.)

CZECHDESIGN operates the oldest Czech design portal and runs the Gallery/CZD situated in the city center of Prague where exhibitions, lectures, informal meetings and workshops take place. Last but not least the cooperation between designers and producers plays a significant role in the association's activities. (It brings a positive impact on the design quality of products and it also increases the competition capability of Czech firms).


Vojtěšská 3
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
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