"For us product and graphic design means a service to the society. In our designs, the conceptual meanings are usually hidden allowing the users to create their own relations to the objects. Objects should contain a certain – their own – story."

LLEV product design studio was founded in 2004 by two graduates of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The married couple, Eva and Marcel Mochalsa, think that their main task is to create objects of everyday use. They focus on the design of glass, jewelry, furniture and other household items. They use primarily artisanal production techniques and natural materials. Their customers are, amongst others, Laufen, Becherovka, Jablonex Group, Preciosa, Architrade, and Manumade.

Exponate von LLEV product design Studio

Glascollection Decci

jewel case Pandora

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jewel rack Madam